Click Once, Submit Everywhere with OnlyWire

How manyof us only has one way to communicate and be social online? Just one. Well, I don’t expect an answer because if you are like me, you have accounts everywhere, right? Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, etc, etc.

A common problem is trying to update or send an update to every single point of communication every time you find something you like, you want to share a picture or a blog or simple just saying hello. Is for this cases that OnlyWire comes to the rescue.

OnlyWire provides tools and services that allow publishers, website owners, bloggers and in general people just like you and me to auto-submit (that’s right, auto-submit as in automatically without me doing any extra work) your content to the highest ranked social media sites. With a simple click your content will be around the world.

If you want to know more, please visit OnlyWire, they offer a free account and paid accounts for every need and budget.

Backlink Battleplan

The best kind of traffic is free traffic, I think we can all agree on that.

There’s just this one little problem: Free traffic isn’t free.

At least, in most cases it isn’t.

If you’ve ever tried to rank for anything but the crummiest of low-traffic keywords in Google, you might have had a frustrating experience. Just optimizing your website certainly won’t get you there (and unless you’re in the top spots, you won’t see hardly any traffic).

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SEO PowerSuite launches Big Heart WWW Cruise

One of the best (and most complete) suite of SEO tools is having an awesome deal, check it out below:

Big Heart SEO Cruise

SEO PowerSuite launches Big Heart WWW Cruise

Big Heart is travelling from webpage to webpage and lets anyone get a 60% discount on state-of-the art SEO software.

This is the best chance to get the world-standard SEO software at a special Christmas price — and help your business enter a prosperous New Year.

Check the rules, join the cruise and claim your Christmas offer!

How to Use Facebook as an Advertising Platform for Online Marketing

Facebook’s level of popularity with Web users has run in to the many millions ever since its approval of anybody having a legitimate e-mail address in 2006.  The majority of people play games bring up to date their single profiles as well as upload pictures or movies for their close friends to watch.  Although growing crops on Farmville, sipping virtual coffee inside the coffee shop or defeating off snakes in FrontierVille is addictive, Facebook may additionally be a highly effective marketing instrument for Internet marketers.

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Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your Business

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is an easy way to start your social media marketing campaign. Facebook Fan Pages are indexed by external search engines like Google, increasing your business internet footprint. By connecting your website and your Fan Page together there is a better possibility to increase visitors and gain more subscribers and fans.
But as a business owner is this effort worth it?
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MuchoSocial Manifesto

Welcome to MuchoSocial.

MuchoSocial was born to help incorporate social media to regular websites. Times are changing, fast, but one of the main rules of business still the same: Any change that requires investment of time or money (or other commodity) requires a ROI (Return of Investment) attached to the request.
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